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Written by Clinton W J Collins   
May 14, 2017 at 07:46 AM

Event + Response = Outcome
Give what you want, write your own skit.
The gift of life, the gift of wit.
Your life was meant to be... You are here.
Predestined to overcome fear...
Understand the idea of liberty.
Use the power to determine your destiny.
You are in business for yourself don't go with the flow.
Choose your path keep it on the go...
Research the procedure, manner or mode.
Use the formula to break the code.
E+R=O this we now know...
Take the route of advancement scurry, scurry.
Know what you want is out there hurry, hurry.
It is out of the reach of close-mindedness...
Be positive, open minded and full of bliss.
The mistrust we may have in our sisters and brothers.
Created by wrong doings of past others...
We have got the clout not to fight, scream or shout.
Faith and hope we cannot live without.
Use your new wisdom without a doubt...
Understand the formula, use the clout.
Destiny is your fortune in waiting.
Be positive it is not thin ice on which you are skating...
Outside the understanding of glee.
An existence restricted, bound 'N' unfree...
No need to worry or sit and pout.
Hold to your positive beliefs, values and skills; have no doubt!
Many paths we may take, determined by your response for goodness sake.

Copyright © 2001 - Present Clinton W. J. Collins

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Comment by Freak star @punked.com on 2017-05-20 02:59:47
This sucks 4$$
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